Clear Your Head

to Get Ahead

A unique program to live life to the full, managing stress and building resilience.

What we do

Working with you to bring quality back in to your life and work.

Clear Your Head to Get Ahead is a unique program based in science, technology, psychology and physiology to help you understand how to get the best out of you, all within 30 days.

We use a bespoke psychometric assessment to establish a baseline and then blow away the myths and install new stainable and easy to accomplish habits to meet your well-being goals.


A lot of the time we are running unsupportive habits that are now, simply, getting in our way.

Through conversation and guided visualisation those old habits can be blown away and new supportive habits installed. 


By understanding how our systems work we can learn to embrace what does work and minimise what doesn't. We teach you new, and proven, ways of breathing and shifting your emotional state so you can access all of your amazing resources to be at your best, every day.


We introduce you to the Inner Balance Technology, a non invasive way to measure your heart rate variability (HRV), with the Inner Balance app, to see what that means for you. All this is happening every day and we can capture that, in real time, to ensure your practice leads to improvements.

Not all clients are the same!

As an individual

When coaching individuals they tend to like privacy. Coaching with Martin stays with in the confines of the coaching session whether you are paying for this out of your own pocket or your company (boss or HR) is paying for you. 

You are unique and Martin has the ability to meet you where you are, step in with you to understand your challenges and then offer alternatives to try out. Whatever is going on outside of you is the same for everyone around you. How you make sense of your external world will be the difference that makes the difference. Together we'll discover an interpretation that supports you and get rid of the interpretation that drains you.

As a group

Group Coaching is different to Team Coaching. In our Group Coaching session you may not know anyone else in the group, or you may be a group pulled together. by an employer, or in a learning environment, to deal with a common issue or challenge. This could be anything from managing a group where you have lots of responsibility, but no authority, to seeking to mine the collective wisdom of this group for their suggestions to you particular challenge.
Group coaching is most useful for people who wish to explore a theme or topic where everyone benefits by being open and sharing. 

As a Team

We have extensive experience bring teams together, to form and then perform. Typically our approach looks at building trust among team members and generate a culture of psychological safety. Every team member is valued for their contribution, every voice is heard and respected.
High Performing Teams also work with individual strengths and we use the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to identify our strengths and learn from each other how to get the best from us and where our performance will be diminished. 
Also, be excited as we bring in elements of Emotional Intelligence and the energetics of communication to bring high performance to your team.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Every member of our team has been in high stress situations and seen how it plays out. We've been woken out of deep sleep by troublesome thoughts, we've started the days feeling like we are in a fog, and we've seen the unpleasant affects of stress and how it impacts other health issues. 
Never again!
We now all practice what we teach and have seen marked improvement to our sleep, to our energy and to our overall health markers.
Backed up by over 40 years of research and publications we know what we share works, for everybody.

What "Clear Your Head to Get Ahead" brings to you ...

We start, simply enough, with a 20 minute, 72 question, assessment. This will give us both an understanding of how stressed you are, where that stress is coming from and, unlike other assessment, how resilient your are.

Typically we will work with each other over 6 sessions, planned over 6 to 8 weeks. At this point, your practice will have changed as you embed a new way of being. Take the assessment again and see for yourself where you have made improvements and where you might like to focus going forward. 

how does it work?

Here's the road map...

People often ask us...well how does it work? What's the process look like?
If you are an individual or a team the structure is fairly similar but the content will differ dramatically. Click on the Road Map below to watch a short overview.


What they say

Jonathan Richards


Two words come to mind when I think about my experience as a coachee of Martin's - "gratitude" & "story".

Firstly, personal gratitude simply - but profoundly - for listening time, emotional support, heart and mind insights and his tangible belief in me as he accompanied me along the road back from burnout.

Second, the power of gratitude as a mindset, a conscious choice to notice or recall the moments that speak positively to our soul, and how this actually causes physically measurable benefit.
And story? He helped me understand and reframe my own and in doing so, to appreciate more deeply the power of the stories we each tell ourselves (positive and negative!) and how these underpin all our relationships.

Martin has a beautiful gift. My story is richer for his having shared it with me and I'll be forever grateful.

Gokhan Ozturk

Senior Director

Sometimes there is no right answers, it is about the ability to have dialogues, explore options and frame choices that are sophisticated - If you're looking for a great resource to engage in your leadership journey and revisit your personal drive to understand the stems of your core values, Martin Daubney is where you should be allocating your time and working with.

Your Investment


Take your Stress and well-Being Assessment and have a 40 minute debrief with Martin to get insights into what you can do now to manage your stress and build your resilience. 

Remember, managing your stress and overall health starts with awareness, and awareness starts here.


Here's your 6 session program  to work one to one with Martin. Here's what will happen... first of all you'll get the Stress and Well-Being Assessment (SWBA) to start with and have the debrief.

We'll then schedule your 6 sessions and follow up with a second SWBA to demonstrate improvements. 

Exclusive VIP Coaching

This package is ideal for leaders new into their role. This may be your first Senior Leadership role, the first time you have a team to manage or you are facing a new challenge. Whatever the need, coaching is a great way to help. Don't suffer in silence!

Martin has coached and trainined hundreds of new leaders some with all the resposonsibility and little authority to generate that team spirit. 

Contact Information

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